What's your brand saying online?

Are you painting the right picture?

Kollaborativ Consulting helps brands create and execute effective social & digital media marketing strategies.

We are partners in our clients' digital success, ensuring you expand your reach online and communicate your company or organization mission, vision, and value successfully.


Whether you are a small business or global corporation, local nonprofit or social enterprise working towards global change, we customize a marketing plan that's right for you and your brand,

ensuring you reach your audiences through all the digital noise.


From clarifying your brand message to creating engaging social media campaigns,

Kollaborativ works with you to ensure all the parts of your online marketing strategy work together cohesively.


How can we help you leverage digital marketing to grow your brand?

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What Clients Say

"Roshi's eye for branding is unbeatable. Roshi worked with my team to develop a consistent look and feel for an emerging nonprofit to help solidify its online identity. In addition to delivering a stunning Branding Guide she also took the time to provide social media training and tactics for my team. If you are looking for someone to help you capture the essence of your vision and create a consistent look and feel for company or organization, definitely hire Roshi."

"Roshi was optimistic and tireless in the pursuit of the right solution for our fledgling organization and our new base of users. It helped that Roshi is a digital native. Her knowledge of social media and other digital media is deep and Roshi brought a practitioner's insight, strategic thinking and skill to our marketing that one can't find in reading a textbook." 

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Kollaborativ Consulting is a woman owned business

We are based in Central California and provide services

nationally as well as internationally.

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