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About Kollaborativ

Kollaborativ Consulting offers over a decade of experience and expertise in social & digital marketing. With marketing experience across a variety of industries, including Technology, Media and Entertainment, Hospitality, Education, and Retail, and expertise in both private sector and nonprofit sectors.

Lead Consultant at Kollaborativ, Roshi Pejhan

Offering years of experience in marketing, branding, social & digital media, and business development, Roshi brings an innate sense of customer service and collaboration to Kollaborativ Consulting, with a deep understanding of today's online world and its dynamic social marketplace. 

With over a decade of Social Media Marketing spanning a variety of global industries, including Tech, Media, Hospitality, Retail and Social Impact, Roshi offers clients a unique perspective that understands both cultural localization and generational market segmentation. With Roshi as your guide, Kollaboraitv Consulting can help your brand be seen and heard in a very crowded digital marketplace. 

Kollaborativ Consulting


Managing Director of Nance Creative, Molly is an award-winning video producer, with 15 years experience in journalism, video production, marketing, photography, voice-overs, event management, hospitality & fundraising.


Her clients include non-profits, educational institutions and small businesses. 

Molly is a graduate of San Francisco State University's BECA (Broadcast Electronic Communication Arts) department and a member of SAG/AFTRA
Molly Nance, Kollaborativ Consulting partner consultant

With a BA in Business Administration from CSU Monterey Bay, TJ Scott is a tested and successful Hospitality professional with experience in Management & Operations, Marketing and Finance, capped off with "from-the-trenches" expertise in luxury hospitality.

 TJ's core competencies include staff training and HR Best Practices, brand compliance, Guest Services, and Emotional Intelligence training and application. With additional Marketing and Finance experience, TJ bring a wealth of knowledge to Kollaborativ Consulting's

Hospitality division.

TJ Scott, Kollaborativ Hospitality partner consultant

What Clients Say

"Roshi was a part of our...bootstrap startup where there was much that was unknown and too much to do. We didn't know it then but Roshi turned out to be the most indispensable member of our team. Throughout the process Roshi was very thorough and fluid in an extremely dynamic start up environment. She handled tasks but also gracefully held others accountable for their tasks. Roshi was optimistic and tireless in the pursuit of the right solution for our fledgling organization and our new base of users. It helped that Roshi is a digital native. Her knowledge of social media and other digital media is deep and Roshi brought a practitioner's insight, strategic thinking and skill to our marketing that one can't find in reading a textbook. In the end, going beyond the call of duty turned out to be Roshi's duty. To prove it, she went so far as to personally find and recruit the new CEO! I highly recommend Roshi and would love to work with her again if given the chance." 

"Astute and sharp, Roshi is able to quickly capture the big picture. Insightful, she can also decipher what is important and then communicate effectively. She is joyful and funny as well, with enormous spirit."

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