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Jumpstart Your Business

Get help making your dream a reality, from the ground up!

The Jumpstart Workshop from Kollaborativ Consulting is a one-day online, interactive workshop for entrepreneurs and creatives seeking guidance on how to start turning passion into profit. 

Jumpstart your new business with the right guidance, from the beginning

Get help starting a business with the Jumpstart Workshop from Kollaborativ Consulting

You may not even know what you need to know.

The key is to ask someone who does. 

There's a lot of online workshops, seminars, and videos that teach you marketing tricks.

But, when you're starting your business, you need more than a handful of tactics.

You need someone to help you build the nuts and bolts of the business, from the ground up,

to set you up for success with a solid foundation.

That includes how to form your business, branding, growth strategies, fine tuning your products/services, understanding your market...and so much more.

Pursuing your dreams can

feel scary.

But, with the right help,

your business can become

a reality.

Turn passion into profit with help from Kollaborativ Consulting

I've been a social media marketing consultant for over 10 years, helping countless clients in a variety of industries.


Learn more about me here!

From launching brands from scratch, building websites to creating global online communities, launching mobile apps to creating effective multimedia content for businesses and nonprofits - I've done it all and helped countless clients for over a decade.

When you're building a business from scratch, you can't miss a step. 

Let me guide you through laying the  foundations, crafting marketing strategy, and hitting the ground running! 

This workshop doesn't do "fluff" content

...get information you actually need!

Business Setup

Expertise regarding business formation - what licenses, banking, taxes and other paperwork you might need.


How to define your brand and value, find the right target customers, and reach them with digital media marketing.

Entrepreneurship workshop from Kollaborativ Consulting

Get Things Running!

Learn what tools you need to launch and how to use them; develop products, manage your books, track sales, and all the things that go along with growing your business.

Learn how to start your own business at the Jumpstart Workshop from Kollaborativ Consulting

How it works

a one-day virtual interactive workshop

It doesn't matter where you are, this workshop is accessible.

Using interactive digital tools, you'll be able to come together and learn what you need - along with others.

No matter what type of business you're looking to start or grow, I will lead lessons that inform and are easily actionable.

The lessons are not cookie cutter. Content is not pre-recorded. 

This is an INTERACTIVE course - ask questions that matter to you.

Each workshop is customized based on who is participating - you'll get the info YOU need

and learn from each other's experiences as well. 

What you get from this workshop


hours of dedicated

workshop time

3 topical "sections"

1.5 hour sessions

with 15 minute breaks


guided meditation

let our guest wellness coach

take you through a focusing, refreshing, and enlivening

guided meditation


actionable roadmaps

to guide you after

use the checklists I will supply you to make sure your don't miss a beat

as you launch your business


Get access to our private

Facebook Group

for continued support


Enjoy a 15% discount

to continue coaching with our


This course is valued at $1125

$1125 worth of

expertise, coaching, strategy,

tools, and community support!!

But for a limited time

I'm offering this interactive workshop for only $375!


Why THIS workshop?

Why should you trust my expertise?

Roshi Pejhan is the Lead Consultant at Kollaborativ Consulting

This workshop is a labor of love.

I love inspiring and empowering people.

I have accumulated so much expertise as both a business owner myself and someone who supports other businesses...

...I know the challenges and joys.

With the right information,

starting a business can be exhilarating, not stressful.

With my decade+ of experience supporting entrepreneurs and business owners, it's very clear to me what kind of support people need when they're pursuing their dreams.

More About Me

Knowledge IS power and I want to empower you.

 I'm passionate about coaching aspiring entrepreneurs and guiding them to their dreams.

There's nothing you can't accomplish - so let me help you get started!


Julia Ingle Wellness, client for Kollaborativ Consulting

Roshi has been integral in getting my business off the ground! She has so much experience and knowledge that she has helped me launch my business while single-handedly saving me hundreds of dollars and hours of unnecessary busy work. She is a pleasure to work with and I will definitely continue to use her services as my business continues to grow.

Debora Sanders, client for Kollaborativ Consulting

I find Roshi receptive, easy to work with, full of great information and a good motivator. I have learned a great deal from our consultations and I feel that whenever I have questions about business development, she has answers at the ready...What I like most about Kollaborativ is that the team is willing to do as much or as little as you need and they will teach you how to manage your own website and social media

Secure your $1125 worth of expertise, coaching, strategy,

tools, and community support

for only $375!!

There are two workshops to choose from this October 2020,

one on a Tuesday and one on a Saturday

Whatever your dreams, I can help!

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