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Turning passion into profit with the right guidance, from the beginning

Marketing consulting for entrepreneurs from Kollaborativ Consulting
Marketing consulting for entrepreneurs from Kollaborativ Consulting
Small business consulting for women owned businesses from Kollaborativ Consulting
Marketing consulting for entrepreneurs from Kollaborativ Consulting

You may not even know what you don't know. The key is to ask someone who does. 

There's a lot of online workshops, seminars, and videos that teach you marketing tactics. But, when you're starting your business, you need more than disparate marketing tactics. You need someone to help you build the nuts and bolts of the business, from the ground up, to set you up for success with a solid foundation. That includes how to form your business, branding, growth strategies, fine tuning your products/services, and knowing your market...and so much more.

Over 10 years of experience

In addition to our marketing services, we offer Business Development consulting services to help you with the expertise you need to turn passion into profit. Our customized packages for entrepreneurs work with your budget and give you the basic business and marketing tools you need to start strong and grow effectively.  

Digital Marketing consulting for entrepreneurs from Kollaborativ Consulting

Kollaborativ Consulting's Lead Consultant, Roshi Pejhan, has over a decade of first hand experience in starting successful businesses. Whether working on her own projects, or supporting client startup teams, she's got the expertise to guide you through the maze of making your business a successful reality. Along with Kollabortiv Consulting's partners, Roshi believes in the value and power of dreams, and knows that entrepreneurs just need a little guidance to do big things.  

Kollaborativ Consulting's Business Development & Digital Marketing services can guide you through:

  • Business formation and financial structuring

  • Defining Mission & Values and identifying your unique value proposition

  • Brand messaging - taglines, marketing copywriting - and visual design

  • Website development

  • Comprehensive digital marketing strategies to help you launch successfully and continue to grow

  • Identifying opportunities for strategic online partnerships, helping you to forge these relationships for expanded digital reach

  • Creating Best Practices and Style Guides for organic digital content

  • Strategies and how-to's of online paid advertising, including social media advertising

...and so much more! 

Dedicated Marketing Consulting from Kollaborativ Consulting

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Not sure just how much help you'll need? Try our K-sessions!

K-sessions Packages

Secure a set number of consulting hours from us each month with this retainer system.

Get expertise on what you're working on on-demand, as you need it. 

No ongoing contracts. Unused time is rolled over into your next month. 

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